Hats Protocol: Genesis Call for Contributors
November 7th, 2022

Hats Protocol empowers DAOs to get things done by delegating revocable roles, responsibilities, and authorities to their contributors.

We think this is a missing piece of DAOs. Join us in stewarding its evolution.

How to Get Involved

Hats is just getting started, so our needs are broad and varied. Specifically, we're seeking contributors to advance:

  • UI/UX design,

  • front-end development,

  • protocol engineering,

  • subgraph development,

  • branding & marketing (memelording),

  • something else in your zone of genius.

If you resonate with what we’re working on, we'd love to hear your ideas and accentuate your unique gifts in service of this mission.

Connect with us here to get involved.

The Evolution of Hats

We believe that for Hats Protocol to thrive as foundational infrastructure for DAOs, it must ultimately be owned and governed by its community. While we build the protocol itself, we also aspire to build a DAO that sets a new standard for protocol DAOs.

This will require intentionally building the structures, practices, and culture to facilitate fully permissionless and decentralized governance. From day one, we commit to living into the ethos of the DAO movement, and transparently tracking the contributions that people make to the protocol.

As we track contributions to the protocol, we anticipate that the DAO will develop a simple reputation system that grants committed contributors greater responsibility, autonomy, and authority.

To see more on what Hats Protocol stands for, see our Manifesto v1.

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