Hats Protocol: Tokenized Contributor Roles for DAOs

Humanity is on the precipice of a new paradigm for coordination, and DAOs are leading the way in creating new mechanisms for people to share resources and power as they pursue their common goals. 

DAOs could be amazing. But governance is hard. Today, DAOs are making tradeoffs between decentralization and effectiveness. What they’re missing is a familiar piece of organizational infrastructure: roles. 

We believe that a DAO-native way of delegating and revoking roles, responsibilities, and authorities is the next upgrade for DAOs that will solve this dilemma. DAOs no longer have to choose: we can get things done at scale while embodying the values of decentralization and autonomy. 

DAOs who use Hats will:

  • Delegate authorities to individuals while retaining ultimate control by the collective,

  • Experience less pain and administrative costs associated with managing contributors and transferring authorities from one person or team to another,

  • Effectively hold contributors accountable to their commitments,

  • Clearly understand what’s actually happening across the DAO at any point in time, including where any gaps exist.

Contributors who wear Hats will:

  • Feel clear and confident in executing their roles,

  • Instantly have all the authorities they need to do their work (e.g., discord role, wiki admin rights, multisig signer, twitter access, etc.),

  • Know who to go to for important information or decisions,

  • Understand which roles are not yet fulfilled that they could be eligible for.

To use Hats and learn more about how it works, check out the open-source repo on Github or connect with us here.

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